The Astral Plane – C W Leadbeater. PREFACE. Few words are needed in sending this little book out into the world. It is the fifth of a series of Manuals designed. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Charles W. Leadbeater. · Rating details · ratings · 24 reviews. With the knowledge of the forces of nature which the resources of the astral plane place.

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This latter would be far more distinct and definite — a closer reproduction of the man’s physical appearance; while instead of the floating mist-wreath we see a sharply defined ovoid shape, preserving this form unaffected amidst all the varied currents which are always swirling around it on the astral plane.

They may be subdivided into ten principal classes, as follows:. Many untrained psychics never examine their visions scientifically at all; they just obtain an impression which may be [28] quite correct, but may also be half false, or even wholly misleading. The second sub-plane seems especially the habitat of the selfish or unspiritual religionist; here he wears his golden crown and worships his own grossly material representation of the particular deity of his country and time.

The Astral Plane by C. W. Leadbeater – Free Ebook

This has already been described as anything but a pleasant abiding-place, yet it is by no means the same for all those who are compelled for a time to inhabit it. Water and air interpenetrate the earth to a small extent; water also rises in the air in the shape of clouds, but p,ane to a limited height; solid matter may be thrown up into astrsl air by violent convulsions, as in the great eruption of Krakatoa inwhen the volcanic dust reached the height of seventeen miles, and took three years to settle down again; but it does settle down eventually, just as the water drawn up into the air by evaporation returns to us as rain.

Clearly all about us there are potent forces which yet elude our poor and partial [4] senses; so obviously we must beware of falling into the fatally common error of supposing that what we see is all there is to see.

It is one among many melancholy results of the terribly inaccurate and even irreligious view that we in the West have for centuries been taking of death, that we not only cause ourselves an immense amount of wholly unnecessary pain over this temporary parting from our loved ones, but we often also do serious injury to those for whom we bear so deep an affection by means of this very regret which we feel so acutely.


The author stayed true to the title. It is this characteristic of astral vision which has led some writers to describe it as sight in the fourth dimension — a suggestive and expressive phrase. Precisely as it is necessary that the physical body should contain within its constitution physical matter in all its conditions, solid, liquid, gaseous, and etheric, [49] so it is indispensable that the astral vehicle should contain particles belonging to all the corresponding subdivisions of astral matter, though the proportions may vary greatly in different cases.

At an earlier stage of his development the pupil may be found functioning in the astral body like any one else; but whichever vehicle he is employing, the man who is introduced to the astral plane under the guidance of a competent teacher has always the fullest possible consciousness there, and is able to function perfectly easily upon all its subdivisions. It is, however, more frequently temporarily vitalized in quite another manner, which will be described under the next head.

He began writing a little at a time, on scraps of paper which were the opened envelopes.

When regarded with trained sight it is no mere inert mass of stone. Occasionally ledbeater message is an important one, such as, for example, an indication of the place where a missing will is concealed; but more often it seems to us quite trivial.

For example, one curious and beautiful novelty brought to his notice by the development of this vision would be the existence of other and entirely different colours beyond the limits of the ordinarily visible spectrum, the ultra-red and ultra-violet rays which science has discovered by other means being plainly perceptible to astral sight.

Similarly, descending into the astral plane he forms his astral or desire-body out of its matter, though still retaining all the other bodies, and on his still further descent to this lowest plane of all the physical body is formed according to the etheric mould supplied by the Lords of Karma.

It may be cww in passing that communication is limited on the astral plane by the knowledge of the entity, just as it is here. We cannot see the very air that surrounds us; our senses give us no indication of its existence, except that when it is in motion we are aware of it by the sense of touch. To the point, this book offers an affirmation of life from an arcane arena that is rarely so deeply studied.

The Astral Plane by C. W. Leadbeater

But the earth is in perpetual motion, both of rotation and revolution, and all kinds of influences and forces are continually rushing about, so this ideal [16] condition of rest is never attained, and there is much intermingling.


No trivia or quizzes yet. But now happened an unusual and unexpected incident which distinctly flustered Bishop Leadbeater. This would not have mattered, as once a manuscript is in print it is thrown into the waste paper basket. Most students find the investigation of this section an extremely unpleasant task, for there appears to be a sense of density and gross materiality about it which is indescribably loathsome to the liberated astral body, causing it the feeling of astrxl its way through some black, viscous fluid, while the inhabitants and influences encountered there are also usually exceedingly objectionable.

Besant and he examined instance after instance of egos in “Devachan”, in that period of their existence after death in the state plans happiness called the Heaven World. Nathaniel Williams rated it liked it Jan 03, The Adept and his Pupils. When astrzl pupil who has decided to do this dies, he simply steps out of his body, as he has often done before, and waits upon the astral plane until a suitable reincarnation can be arranged for him by his Master.

Theosophy : Astral Plane by C.W. Leadbeater : :

Accusations of his detractors were never proven and, with Besant’s assistance, he was readmitted a few years later. I didn’t know it at the time, but it is in fact a fifth book in a series written by Annie Wood Besant and C. The effort to resist the rearrangement, and restore the astral body to its former condition, is precisely similar to that which has to be made in resisting a strong desire during physical life.

Even in the case of a man of somewhat less perfect life almost the same result may be attained if the forces of lower desire are allowed to work themselves out undisturbed in the astral plane. Even in the case of the latter the features and shape of the inner forms are recognizable always, though blurred and indistinct, but the surrounding egg scarcely deserve the name, for it is in fact a mere shapeless wreath of mist, having neither leadbeaer nor permanence of outline.

Some writers have spoken of it under the name “elementary,” but as that title has at one time or another been used for almost every variety of post-mortem entity, it has become so astraal and meaningless that it is perhaps better to avoid it.

But for information upon this vast subject of karma the previous manual should be consulted.