The gafftopsail catfish (Bagre marinus) is one of the species of most importance to fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico, particularly in the coastal region of Tabasco. Annual reproductive cycle of gafftopsail catfish, Bagre marinus (Ariidae) in a tropical coastal environment in the Gulf of Mexico. Ciclo reproductivo anual del. Taxonomic Notes: Bagre marinus is a species complex that includes two species, Bagre marinus sensu strictu and Bagre bahiensis (Betancur and Marceniuk.

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In fishing, they are considered strong fighters. No significant differences were found in total diet between females and males of gafftopsail catfish throughout the seasons. The tyrosinase gene family and albinism in fish. Annual reproductive cycle of gafftopsail catfish, Bagre marinus Ariidae in a tropical coastal environment in the Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Fish Biology 17, mmarinus Fishes were returned to the fisherman after these procedures.

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Randomized sampling marinnus fishes was done. Albinism has also been reported in more than 20 species of teleosts worldwide e.

Squilla sp and Marinua sp, mostly S. As you might guess from its intimidating Fu Manchu mustache and barbed flavor savor, the gafftopsail catfish is a formidable predator which eats crustaceans and smaller fish. The primary food of juveniles is unidentifiable organic matter; the secondary food is fish, with smaller amounts from other trophic groups. Additional comments and suggestions by two anonymous reviewers significantly improved the final version.

Bagre marinus, Gafftopsail sea catfish : fisheries, gamefish

The apparent absence of well-defined seasons in many tropical regions, mainly in temperature, has supported the argument that it is difficult to find clear patterns in reproduction of fish species. Its appearance is typical for a catfish except for the deeply forked tail and the venomous, serrated spines.


They are caught with lures, cut bait, and shrimp, as well as soft plastics. Fishery area is a coastal zone in front of the Chiltepec Barrier Figure 1. Therefore, the year can be divided into two climatic periods: During other months the female GSI was less than 0. Our female and male GSI analyses indicate that gafftopsail catfish have only one reproductive period per year in Tabasco State, which lasts almost four months May to August.

The last group included several species that occurred at low densities and sparsely throughout the year; consequently this prey group was not included in the statistical comparisons. This is reflected in gafftopsail catfish of the Tabasco Coast, whose reproductive strategy takes advantage of the different habitats present in its distribution area by means of local seasonal migrations.

Bagre marinus Mitchill When the female lays her eggs, the male fertilizes them and collects them in his mouth. On the other hand, the disappearance or decrease of prey in males in the rainy season and in both sexes in the nortes season, is more related to a reduction in full stomachs number than to a real variation in diet. Mrinus marine but enters brackish estuaries with relatively high salinities Ref.

In Tabasco, this landing volume is mainly sustained by the bottom long line used by the artisan fleet, which fishes in the coastal zone. The gafftopsail catfish is blue-grey to dark brown with a light grey belly.

GSI of females increased from 5. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 54, Short description Morphology Morphometrics Anal soft rays: Ecology of three sea catfishes Ariidae in a tropical coastal ecosystem – Southern Gulf of Mexico.


No significant differences were finding in total diet between females and males. In the case of the fullness weight index, the maximum value for females 2. Albinism reports in Order Siluriformes Tabla 1.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Physis B 35 Low, minimum population doubling time 4. The relationships between total length and oocytes number and total weight and oocytes number were estimated by linear regression Etchevers Reproductive cycle of gafftopsail catfish Bagre marinus and its relation to environmental variables were analyzed, based on specimens collected randomly from commercial landings of long line artisan fleet of the Chiltepec Barrier, Tabasco State.

Along the southeast coastal zone of the Gulf of Mexico, gafftopsail catfish B. Fecundity F was estimated as the total count of mature hydrated oocytes in both ovaries from 69 mature bagrre that showed no signs of recent spawning ranging from to mm in length and to g in fresh weight sampled during May through July.

The catch depth ranged from 10 to 40 m. Articles with ‘species’ microformats. The length-weight relationship was obtained from a sample of females and males ranging from to mm total length. The location bwgre spawning sites and the timing of reproduction in fishes is often population-specific and is thought to be linked, through mariinus selection, to ecological conditions which favour early growth and survival Leggett A case of complete albinism in the marine cat fish Tachysurus dussumieri Cuvier and Valenciennes.