Aluminum phosphide (ALP) is a cheap, easily available agricultural pesticide which causes lethal poisoning by liberation of phosphine and. Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning: Management and Prevention of AlP poisoning, mediated by phosphine and mechanism of action have not been established. Aluminium phosphide (AlP) is a cheap solid fumigant and a highly toxic pesticide that is commonly used for grain preservation. AlP has currently generated.

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Incidence and outcome of aluminium phosphide poisoning in a hospital study. Gupta S, Ahlawat SK.

At the same time the journal also caters for the high quality articles from specialty and super-specialty researchers. The effect of phosphine on electron transport in mitochondria. JCDR provides authors help in this regards.

Dr Archana Dambal “Journal of clinical and diagnostic research is a welcome change in publishing practices. Also, position paper on activated charcoal recommends that it should not be administered routinely in the management of poisoned patients. Management of celphos poisoning with a novel intervention: Nil Conflict of Interest: Fatal aluminium phosphide poisoning due to myocardial depression refractory to high dose inotropic support and intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation.


It is also known as celphos and poisoming one of the most dreaded poisons one can ever encounter in toxicology. Coconut oil was just heated to lukewarm temperature so as to make a miscible solution with sodium poisoninh.

Managing aluminum phosphide poisonings

Hum Exp Toxicol ; The dreadful celphos poisoning. Also, the number of manuscripts in an issue is high and it may be difficult for readers to go through all of them. Treating ischemic heart disease by pharmacologically improving cardiac energy metabolism. This results in decreasing the basal metabolic rate of body and decreased oxygen requirement, thus compensating the actions of inhibited cytochrome oxidase to some extent.

Aluminium phosphide poisoning – Wikipedia

Treatment of the cardiovascular manifestations of phosphine poisoning with trimetazidine, a new antiischemic drug. J Assoc Phys India ; Advertisers Access Statistics Resources Dr Archana Dambal “Journal of clinical and diagnostic research is a welcome change in publishing practices.

A study of aluminium phosphide poisoning with special reference to its spot diagnosis by silver nitrate test. Magnesium levels in acute cardiotoxicity due to aluminium phosphide poisoning. An epidemiological study of poisoning in northen Islamic Republic of Iran.


Gastric lavage is important in the initial stage. Salient features of the JCDR: The patient was poisoningg but was oriented. Rajendra Kumar Ghritlaharey “I wish to thank Dr. Of course there is always a scope for improvement in every field and none is perfect. After ingestion, effectiveness of gut decontamination to reduce the absorption of unabsorbed poison is primarily dependent on the duration of exposure of poison and is useful if it is done within 1—2 h.

Also, poisoniny access statistics of the articles are available. Bolter CJ, Chefurka W. Cardiovascular manifestations of aluminium phosphide intoxication. Gupta S, Ahlawat SK.

poisoninb A critical evaluation of anti-peroxidant effect of intravenous magnesium in acute aluminium phosphide poisoning. Can sodium bicarbonate really help in treating metabolic acidosis caused by aluminium phosphide poisoning? How to cite this article: Retrieved 3 March Retrieved 2 March The global distribution of fatal pesticide self-poisoning: Aluminium and zinc phosphide poisoning.