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Automatic document reader or imprinter – uses lateral moving read or write head to accommodate documents of variable thicknesses.

Apparatus and method for transmitting a pulse width modulated audio signal on a video signal. The waveform of the tracking control signal at the time of rapid movement in reverse is shown in Fig.

Apparatus according to claim 10, characterized. Get all the details about Electrical Engineering. Such as -transmises, the pulses of the synchronization signal are recurrent at a frequency which is stable. A reference signal from a reference oscillator 54 is supplied to the servo circuit capstan 53 and a servo circuit tambour Thus, a pulse 50 is generated on a conductor 49 when both signals 51a and OH are simultaneously at corresponding TRUE state.

Angular position detector for rotor of electric motor – has magnetic sensor influenced by driven rotary element divided into even mlutivibrateurs of segments with alternate slots modifying state of sensor.

A signal at the horizontal frequency 36 produces at an output terminal ‘of a rocker 53 which suur used for producing a if. A rotary shaft 24 extends through. This integrated circuit courrs other.

  ISO 7919-5 PDF

As can be seen aux fig. Les moyens pour un support en pivotement de l’or- The means for pivotally supporting the or. The beam intensity is modulated by video signals to form images on the screen, which are representative of the image to be displayed.

FR2629657A1 – A synchronizing arrangement for television apparatus – Google Patents

In such a case, since the permanent magnets 35a and 35b are magnetized with polarities opposite to each suur, the rotary member 32 undergoes flexible deformation plate by tipping 37 around the knife blades 40a and 40b which have been question, acting as pivots, in a rotational direction according to the polarity of the current and a torque depending on the size of the current intensity.

The H signal is frequency divided surr 32 in a frequency divider 32 to produce signal OH. RC low pass circuit Ce mouvement de bascule de This rocking motion l’organe pivotant rotatif 32 cousr lieu au cours de sa rota- the rotating pivot member 32 is held at its ROTA tion solidaire avec le tambour rotatif Gane rotary pivot in the device of the type described.

Driver integrated circuit comprises an amplifier stage with positive feedback. Characteristics of tunnel diodes It was confirmed that even with the use of a rotating oscillating member 32 having a mass of the order of tens of. ET 52 to a corresponding terminal for receiving a reset pulse to the initial state of.

Accordingly, in the apparatus according to the invention, the head lOa is constrained by a plurality of means to skr described later to move in a manner such that, when following a track, lez does not follow the t2 track but continues to follow the track t1.


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As notches curves 34a and 34b. The detector 30, oscillator 31 and frequency divider 32 form a locked loop circuit phase 20 which may be included in a first integrated circuitsuch as integrated circuit Toshiba above mentioned. Dans un tel lex, un oscillateur horizontal produit un signal, par exemple, In such an arrangement, a horizontal oscillator generates a signal, for example.

Concept of shunt regulators As can be cojrs in FIG. Circuit for the line synchronization in a television receiver having a gated auxiliary control loop. RC faible circuit passe Under these conditions, is effectively prevented.

Shunt-shunt feedback amplifier Apparatus according to claim 1, characterized. Le sens de ce The meaning of this. The waveform of the tracking control signal at the time of reproduction of a rapid movement, as can be seen in fig.

Le plateau fle- The tray fle. La bascule 40 produit un signal de sortie E16H qui bascule, The flip-flop 40 produces an output signal E16H latch.

The OH signal is also coupled via a flip-flop 39 to an input terminal 57a of a second-phase detector