Vanessa Redgrave portrays Vida Winter in this film, and her sister, Lynn Redgrave, portrays the part of Vida Winter in the audiobook by Diane Setterfield, on. Diane Setterfield’s debut novel arrived already wreathed in acclaim, and it’s easy to see why. The Thirteenth Tale is a cleverly plotted. Former academic Setterfield pays tribute in her debut to Brontë and du Maurier heroines: a The Thirteenth Tale. Diane Setterfield, Author.

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Terri Tal first time I “read” this book, it was the unabridged audio book. Authors languishing behind her in the top 10 this week include Frederick Forsyth, Mark Haddon, and two of America’s reigning thriller writers, James Patterson and Brad Meltzer. Different actors really enhances my listening experience! Emmeline died near the end at an old age, and Vida Winter let the ‘wolf’ inside of her win when she finished telling her story.

Arriving from nowhere on the US publishing landscape, Setterfield has been received by reviewers as a strange, almost historical figure from England’s wild north.

She was abadoned on the ground of Angelfield as a child and found by John. Like flies in amber, like corpses frozen in setterrield, that which according to the laws of nature should pass away is, by the miracle of ink on paper, preserved. View all 20 comments. My bedspread, the book in my hand, the lamp still shining palely in the daylight that was beginning to creep in through the thin curtains.

Trust me, it is a welcome respite from always figuring out the books plots and who-done-it before the author tells the reader who did it. Imagine surviving an earthquake. After that is when it gets weird. Being a twin, I grew up knowing the language. Unnerving and compelling in equal measure, this is one of those books where the pages turn by themselves.

The sky by now was blooming shades of purple, indigo and gunpowder, and the house beneath it crouched long and low and very dark. But Lea changes her mind on the job when Winter confesses her tale has something to do with twins. The actresses selected — and their portrayals — are spot on!


I can still feel the flowers touch my arms as I turned the pages, feel the “crush” thirtednth my stomach as I decided I loved Mr. She summons biographer Margaret Lea, a young woman for whom the secret of her own birth, hidden by those who loved her most, remains an ever-present pain.

A tale with a twist

The letter is from Vida Winter, a diae novelist who has notoriously never told the truth about herself in all her many interviews, so that there are dozens of unreliable accounts.

When Margaret Lea opened the door to the past, what she confronted was her destiny. It was once the imposing home of the March family facininating, manipulative Isabell, charlie, her brutal and thirteenhh brother and the wild untamed twins.

View all 28 comments. Unfortunately, Setterfield’s entire take on the idea of the twin can be fairly summarized in the above italicized line.

The Thirteenth Tale – Diane Setterfield

Breaks and releases in the flow. AudioFile magazine wrote of the audiobook recording, ” Bianca Amato is stunning as Margaret Because of the explicit references to earlier classic gothic novels, the reader has to assume this is sftterfield tribute to them, rather than a pastiche or unconscious imitation.

By the end of the encounter, Lea finds herself increasingly drawn to the story and proposes a conditional agreement to Winter; to earn the trust of her biographer, Vida Winter must supply her with three verifiable truths. Not very dissimilar to this, is my habit of reading.

Interview: Oliver Burkeman meets novelist Diane Setterfield | Opinion | The Guardian

This has finally come out in paperback. So, this is Gothic suspense?

If the writing, even in its simplest form is engaging enough, read it, I SHALL setterfild said that there a few writers whose works I would read just for their style of writing and barely pay attention to the story or the plot. On finishing Is there a new trend for the Brontesque at the moment.

She has some insights, which she shares with the doctor: The language is rich, the elements intriguing. Like flies in amber, like corpses frozen in the ice, that which according to the laws of nature should pass away is, by the miracle of ink on paper, preserved. The title of the book is derived from a collection of short stories penned by Vida Winter entitled Thirteen Tales aetterfield Change and Desperation ; the collection was supposed to contain a total of thirteen stories but was shortened to twelve at publication.


I opened this with every intention of hating it for yet more overhyped nonsense. I’v had this book in my possession for a couple of years now. Full Cast and Crew. Emmeline and Adeline were also ignored at their birth. Her entire life is a secret: Such hysteria surely belongs to an earlier age when women wore their corsets too tight.

The bond shared by Adeline and Emmeline is one of deep meaning. Yet despite this, the ending feels rushed, and the mysterious “thirteenth tale,” which Margaret receives in writing toward the end, is only excerpted. I have a feeling these characters will indeed be in the fiber of my clothes for quite some time.

The Thirteenth Tale “. Reading could be dangerous as well. Margaret Lea never imagined the outcome when she, as a devoted modern, bibiophile, living with her parents on top of their book store, wrote a biographical essay, The Fraternal Muse on the Landier brothers, for a hardback collection of essays on writing and the family in the nineteenth century.

The first-person point of view also shifts to other characters, such as Vida Winter, who presents her own view through the story she tells Lea, and Hester Barrow, who presents her own view through the entries in her diary.

The Thirteenth Tale

The protagonist, Margaret, grew up in a bookstore and learned to read using 19th century novels, and there are clear parallels in the story to Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, The Turn of the Screw, and so on.

The story begins when Margaret Lea, a little-published biographer, is summoned by Vida Winter, famous novelist. It will be a story, and nothing is more telling than a story.