magic tricks forum – Sign Language by Doug Dyment – Review Bought mine from Doug direct at: Price: About $15 +. Doug Dyment’s “Penney’s From Heaven” from Neil Scryer and Friends. Max Maven’s “Positive/Negative” shared in Genii Magazine. Read once a new. From a smoke &pet free home. Saddle stiched, soft cover. 12 pgs. Look my other items! A Monograph on the Impromptu Divination.

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Jim Steinmeyer published a booklet on propless magic called “Nothing But Mystery”. IF, You have a good memory, and good patter! Read once a time.

There are some short lists involved with that but if you memorize them it is propless. Any of Doug Dyment’s material is superb.

A few years ago Magic Magazine had a progressive anagram trick using the most popular hotels in Las Vegas.

Tangled Web by Eric Mead. System 88 by Docc Hilford and Dr. I once designed a genetic algorithm that would “evolve” progressive algorithms using a simulated evolutionary style computing environment. I have made some myself but I use the software program called Panagram which allows for biases in other languages. Weber has devised an extremely effective plot for this type of effect. So, a strong, impromptu, mentalism effect, well explained, and workable, dtment … you practise, practise, practise!


He does not stint or sit on his laurels. The idea is that you can read the mind of your participant, to divine their Star Sign. Failed filename Unsupported photo file type. Customers reviews There are currently no product reviews.

Tipswitch by Rich Gerrish. This new version offers a significantly improved methodological construction, detailed performance instructions, and a carefully crafted script designed to more effectively shroud its modus operandi. Now stare at the word Do any of you have any suggestions. Julian Kestrel Loyal user Posts. Why do I need to login to see this item?

Siggn he claimed that it was easy and tried the method on someone else and failed. But, opening and proceeding with 15 prop-free minutes of entertainment that astonished and got big laughs? It was intensely liberating and “something I will always carry with me!

Let Me Introduce Myself Having said that, were you to buy all four I doubt you would be dissappointed. Jun 27, I lanfuage incorporate a remote so the magicians could input yes or no answers covertly and the script could sound spookily accurate. Even better, when I got to the show site, there was a printed program at each seat with a page listing the teachers retiring by name.


I used the Lipp program to make a progressive anagram of all the names, and was lucky enough to have them all work.

amanda :: Mindsights doug dyment pdf merge

I have a routine for Twisting the Arm that works perfectly as an opener and never fails to engage the spectators. Aside from being a clever use of the Anagram idea the book has some very solid points of view when it comes to Cold Reading.

But with any presentational skills the fishing does not look like fishing. Any tips without giving too much away!

I’m seeing the letter Does anyone here recommend it? If you are interested in studying progressive anagrams, Sign Language imho is a “must” Yo will find it here http: I’ve never compiled an anagram before and would like to know how difficult it is to get to the 1×7 depth.

Nov 24, This method removes any suspicion of fishing, is not that difficult, and gives me good scope for presentation.