Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Joe Speaker, a junkie and barker at a San : Homeboy: A Novel eBook: Seth Morgan: Kindle Store. Joe Speaker, a junkie and barker at a San Francisco strip joint, finds a carat blue diamond that involves him in a murder/blackmail deal and lands him in jail. Seth Morgan, who won acclaim last spring for his first novel, ”Homeboy,” which drew on his experiences in the drug culture of San Francisco.

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Great work of ribald fiction. It’s a journey into a world that most of us will never see, but it’s written so well that you almost want to. San Francisco, Morhan United States. It’s a shame he never got to finish anything more. Homeboywith all its extremes, may have been his kamikaze gesture, or maybe it was just a redemptive one.

Morgan’s one and only book, due to fact that he took his advance and put it to immediate use with a sorta-new Harley, a better-class slut on the pillion, and an unfortunate meeting with an unrelenting telephone pole. Morgan stated she was “an alcoholic beauty who drank herself to death in “, and he claimed that her coldness was to blame for his brother’s suicide by leaping to his death off the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

I’ve bought and given away this novel a few times. Calling mrgan Mephiste’ the definitive Mardi Gras novel makes it sound like there is an established genre of carnival novel which has completely escaped me so far.

His editors spent two years sanding the word count down to the final page hardcover, which Random House released in May of and re-titled Homeboy. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Als lezer zit het moelijkste werk dan ook erop na die verwarrende openingshoofdstukken.

His obituary reported, immediately after his death, [2] that at the time he died, Morgan was working on a second novel. It was years before I’d heard that Mambo Mephiste wasn’t to be.


He is guilty, ad nauseum, of this prose, a wild poet gone amuk at times]. Geen mprgan dus hoe dat gaat aflopen, maar ik kan me amper voorstellen dat het een teleurstelling mogan. InMorgan dropped out of U. Morgan’s prose is rich, shocking, refreshing, and downright Paul Schrader-ish in its detail and subject matter. I’m now rather fond of exc As a native San Franciscan, I’m terribly ashamed that I didn’t know about homenoy pulpy yarn, set in the seedy, scummy, slutty, smutty streets of the Tenderloin and North Beach neighborhoods.

Hunted by a murderous pimp known as Baby Jewels Moses and a relentless homicide cop named Tarzon, Joe ends up taking the rap and getting sentenced to three years. It is an intimate portrait of drugs and prostitution and crime and those who fell into the life and never found their way out. It’s just too dense, and convoluted for me to understand I can be kind of a dumbass at times.

As a native San Franciscan, I’m terribly ashamed that I didn’t know about this pulpy yarn, set in the seedy, scummy, slutty, smutty streets of the Tenderloin and North Beach neighborhoods. A junkie moran shoots battery acid, tries to claw open her chest, and tears one of her own breasts off. It’s really a damn shame that he only cranked out this one novel before giving up the ghost. Since most of his profits go up his arm, Joe supplements his hlmeboy with an occasional heist, or by pimping his busty Tex-Mex squeeze, known on morgah runway as “”Kitty Litter.

On October 16, I’m now rather fond of exclaiming “shitfire” whenever possible–which is pretty much the tag-line for the main character’s stripper girlfriend. But what can’t be imitated is the vision and the knowledge of hard living that Morgan earned as a biker, pusher, addict, and prison inmate. But it is powerfully good and really takes the reader into this strange world. Aug 28, Robert McKinnon rated it it was amazing. Homrboy, if this is your first time here, login with Facebook or create a free account to get started.


Neglected Authors: Seth Morgan | LitReactor

View all 3 comments. Events land him in the federal pen, with a number of people on his butt.

Far from perfect, Joe Speaker uses his gig as a strip-joint barker to cover for dealing drugs. At the time of his own death in a motorcycle accident, Morgan was under contract for a second novel, set in New Orleans and titled Mambo Mephiste. It’s exactly as I remembered: But only a few chapters of the work-in-progress survive, along with a letter to his agent that included the sort of synopsis that only Seth Morgan could write.


High Priest of the Godless: She worked as a prostitute during their marriage, while Morgan acted as her pimp. Books by Seth Morgan. Except when I turned around to say something to that affect she’d already gone inside and I was all by myself standing on sidewalk wondering which overly morgqn trendy woman was the “cool one” because, well, I don’t fucking know why? After his release, he went back to working in strip clubs.

Or was he just her dealer? Caractacus Jack February 15, – Homeboy is a testament to endurance. George Frederick Morgan father. Morgan was savvy enough to realize that without being tethered by plot, and a beautifully structured one at that, this would all collapse into a mess of delirium and gratuitous lunacy.

To support his habit, he began committing armed robberies. An autopsy later revealed that Morgan had Percodan and cocaine in his system, and his blood alcohol content was nearly three times the legal limit.

Homeboy by Seth Morgan

A fantastic street level novel charting the day to day life of a small time heroin dealer. It is something else, like a mescaline Joyce crossed with Gil-Scott Heron.

Lovers of more graphic crime fiction will love it.