The 10 day classified HUMINT-CI tradecraft Course (Reserves) is a hybrid course that combines HUMINT and counterintelligence concepts, procedures and. Apr 5, Intelligence Tradecraft Topics: Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Acquiring Human Intelligence Agnor, Francis. “The Interpreter as an Agent. Oct 2, As a former HUMINT collector, I am no stranger to the mocking cries of Instead, they need to find creative tradecraft solutions to our modern.

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The members of such a group may work in completely different fields of espionage. If neither is feasible, it is better to have Headquarters dispatch an officer to a third country, either humitn or illegally, for the meeting.

Frequency-hopping spread spectrum is a related technique, which can use the parallel tradecrft of true spread spectrum, not using any tradecrsft frequency long enough for plausible interception.

You and others can then flesh out the references for the topics and we can deepen the knowledge base of all seminar participants. Less suspicious when examined, although very limited in its ability to transfer more than simple content, is plain language code.

Full-time Contract 14 Commission 1. Operations Officer salaries in United States. Another kind of resource could include foreign offices owned or operated by nationals of the country in question. The lead section of this article may need to be rewritten.

This article may be too long to read and navigate comfortably.

Seminar in Tradecraft and HumInt

Especially in the case of non-national organizations, termination can be very literal, ranging from having a trusted operative kill the problematic agent, or, when culturally appropriate, sending the agent on a suicide mission. The leader of such a group is called, in Soviet terminology, a gropovodand is conceptually the only member of the group that communicates with Moscow.


For example, the Soviet GRU covered some intelligence officers under the TASS news agency, or as part of a trade or technical mission, or even as diplomats. While “wrong number” calls with a predefined apology can be used, they are more vulnerable to surveillance if the phone in question is tapped. If, hypothetically, a mining company operated in a country where there are both resources deposits and non-national group sanctuaries, a proprietary company could get information on both, and also provide access and support services.

There were communications with them, and the dialogues were clandestine. If there are support cells in the operational area, they may be vulnerable, but it would be good tradecraft to withdraw them shortly before the attack. This section deals with skills required of individuals, either agents or support personnel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Clandestine HUMINT operational techniques – Wikipedia

A variation of the brush pass is the live letter drop, in which one agent follows a predefined route, on foot, with a prepared huminh hidden in rtadecraft pocket. When the agent operates in a country with a particularly brutal counterintelligence service, providing them with a “final friend”, or means for suicide, can be comforting even if they never use it.

The new illegals never mix and never enter into contact with the old ones who have been working in the country for a long time.

Archived from the original on How many vacation days do you get per Agents will be more comfortable if they believe that they will have protection, preferably exfiltration, if compromised. This may be the best book on human intelligence ever published. Retrieved from ” https: The separated agent then occupies one of three guises: This page will therefore be in a constant state of flux and addition as new students come in with their own study interests and flesh out uumint page more and more.


These measures could involve state organizations up huumint and including the Politburomuch as the World Tradfcraft II British organization for strategic deception, the London Controlling Sectionand its US counterpart, Joint Security Control, could get direct support from the head of government.

Only when the receiver knows the frequencies, the time relationship on when a given frequency or other communications channel will carry content, and how to extract the content, can information be recovered.

This description is based around the foreign intelligence service, of country Boperating in and against country A. A hkmint drop is a container not easily found, such as a magnetized box attached to a metal rack in an out-of-sight alley.

Under the general term “brush pass” is a wide range of techniques in which one clandestine operative passes a physical item to another operative. Current events are always welcome in a seminar. Case officers should constantly test their agents for changes in motivation or possible counterintelligence compromise. tradecfaft

This article has multiple issues. This article is not about the technical aspects of the interpreter’s art, but rather focuses humitn the use of interpreters for intelligence collection in both domestic and foreign assignments.

One-time pad encryption has the absolute requirement that the cryptographic key is used only once.